Update database based on more than 1 key (in MySQL or other db). Possible?

I’m looking to use the “update” operation to update data in a MySQL database.
When using the update operation, an Update Key has to be passed in order to “decide which rows in the database should be updated”.
Based on solely one “property”, the database rows/entries are not unique; therefore, using a single property would lead to making updates to the wrong entries. Is there a way to specify two arguments in the “Update Key” field?

A workaround, would be to create an new unique identifier for each row. But it’d be great if that would not be necessary, especially for future workflows!

Hi @diskin, you can manually write your queries as needed. I’d recommend PostgreSQL for this if you have any choice as it seems the MySQL node doesn’t have support for parameterized queries.

You could then perform an update based on multiple fields (UPDATE users SET name = $1 WHERE id = $2 AND email = $3) like so:

In the MySQL node you’d need to add a suitable expression to your query:

Thank you, @MutedJam!