Update google sheets info through API

Hello there!

I’d like to move our api update to n8n, and I lack the experience to figure it out on my own the how to part.

Basicly we have a master sheet with the project details, which also has the link of the survey we get the data from, and a different sheet designed to this survey. The logic I went is for if on the master sheet we mark the project as active, it’d update the data on the project sheet accordingly every x amount of time. But the thing is, we have and we could have multiple surveys going on the same time, so I am a bit unsure how can I achieve this to work in every scenario.
Each link is different of course, so are the project sheets - we also type the sheet’s url/id i there, only the master sheet is the same.

I hope I explained it well!

Hi @Gabor_Suki, welcome to the community :tada:

This sounds doable to me. You could use a hard-coded sheet in your workflow to fetch data from your master sheet, then use an expression to read the sheet IDs (or URLs) from your master sheet. Assuming you have IDs, you’d want to set up your subsequent Google Sheets nodes like so:

Here, I am dynamically populating the ID value (using whatever is coming from the previous node), and gid=0 as the sheet identifier (this would be the first sheet in a Google Sheets spreadsheet).

Let me know if you run into any trouble with this :slight_smile:

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