Update many items in collection strapi 4 http request

good afternoon. 1 element of the collection in strapi 4 is updated well.

However, I take a hundred rows from the Google table - and when I try to update 100 elements in strapi 4, he swears.

I put a separate id for each element.
The time interval does not help.

how to make a cycle - that is , read one line from the table ? (I’m skipping through the condition - this is for reference)

can you post an example of the process?

Or how can I create cycle with strapi activity standart? (update)

Hi @RomanRRR, Strapi v4 Updates aren’t a built-in functionality available in n8n right now I am afraid so you’d have to use the HTTP Request node to send requests to the Strapi API.

Maybe you can share some additional details on what you have tried so far and what problem exactly you are facing? Ideally also a quick example workflow demonstrating the problem?

Thanks a lot!