Update of NocoDB nodes to API V2

It would help if there was an update of NocoDB nodes to API V2.

NocoDB API V2 Release Info
Look for: ‘New Simplified Data APIs’ in the text.

NocoDB API V2 Documentation

Existing NocoDB API V1 (i.e. also integration of NocoDB in n8n) is to be deprecated in March 2024.

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As far as I am aware we already have support for the v2 API which I think was added by the NocoDB team, To use the v2 api routes in the NocoDB node in the node settings you need to select v0.200.0 Onwards


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You are right. Thank you! Great. Since there are still endpoints from an old API in the dropdown selection, I assumed that the nodes have not been updated, but obviously now one can access any NocoDB API version.

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