Update or append in airtable

Hello everyone,

I’m having trouble understanding what blocks to use in the following case.
I have:

  • A csv with record set A + record set B with field NUMBER
  • An airtable with record set A with field NUMBER and field ID

How can I check whether to append or update into airtable depending if the NUMBER from the CSV is already in Airtable or not?

I thought a simple switch would suffice but apparently not.

Kind of lost on this.
Thanks a lot

Hi @Joachim_Brindeau,
you can use Airtables List operation with Filter By Formula to only return items where fieldName="value",


That would let me update the records.
How do I filter out these records for the create step?

My current issue is the duplicates being created.

Thanks again for your help

Hey Joachim,
the following workflow to append/update records in airtable is losely based on n8n Course Level 1. Make sure to also checkout n8n Course Level 2 to better understand how to work with data in n8n.

The first time the records are appended.

The second time the records are updated.

Make sure to update all occurences of orderID and employeeName according to your scenario.


I did not notice your answer!
Thanks a lot for taking the time.
I gave up on n8n but seeing my make.com bill, now I’m back with a fresh install on AWS!


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