Update to 0.155.1 successful, why show me the old 0.153.0 still?

I just updated to 0.155.1 on my AWS server, the problem is updated is ok… but when I browser to enter my n8n website… it is still the old one 0.153.0

reboot the server and then delete Cache… still show me the old version. someone cen help?

Did you restart n8n after you did update?

yes, restart

sudo docker-compose up -d

Hey @makechinafreedom,

You have updated the NPM version, Did you update the docker container as well?

docker pull n8nio/n8n

I set n8n on AWS sever not localhost…

Do you have both the npm version and docker version installed or just the one?

If you are running from npm you would need to restart the NPM version if you are using docker you would need to update the docker container and restart it that way.

If you run docker ps do you see an n8n instance running?

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Thanks to @Jon help me to solve the problem…