Update to 236.2, is prune still working?

Hugh, so i decided to update n8n to the latest.
Now i see in the log “Pruning was requested, but not enabled”

How exactly do i enable it?
Currently i run with env vars:


Hey @yavetal,

As far as I am aware the prune option still works we had a user on Discord do it over the weekend. Can you share the log you are looking at?

I’m having the same issue. I think I might have had a crash mid upgrade and now when I start the container it won’t get past this in the log.

License manager not initialized
Last session crashed
n8n ready on, port 5678
Migrations in progress, please do NOT stop the process.
Pruning was requested, but was not enabled

Any help here would be super appreciated.

Might not be advisable by the team at n8n, so I’d wait for one of them to chime in here, but I was able to get the migration/update kicked back off by rebooting the whole server I’m hosting n8n on and then starting the container again. Now going through the “query is slow” processes in the log.

A reboot never hurts :slight_smile:

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