Update: Website Scraper with email validation

After the previous workflow on email extraction from websites, I was abel to merge it to a complete workflow with email validation on the go and saves teh data to supabase


So cool, I understand 1/5 of it but would love to use it as I’m starting a cold email agency

@augustin Basically the workflow gets a list of websites from a database and scraps emails from it. Out of the returned emails, we do an email validation for this ( I have 2 tool for this) The reason am doing a deep validation Is to get as much information about an email eg MX, deliverability, Webmail, role, etc, while the secondary validation is a contingency validation for the same but the results based on the deliverability status.
The data can then be added to a clean database for storage.

At the end of this workflow you will have a fully working system that can scrap and verify emails on the go

I have lots of custom email workflow including segmentation, domain validation, email deliverability checker etc that can make life easier for you if you are getting to start a cold email site.

I see that’s super!

Yeah would love to see the email workflow, definitely interested!

A workflow I have been wanting to build is one that checks if domain is available on Godaddy + less than 20 bucks, then buys it, does all the DNS set up, create email and send them to Smartlead to start the warmup process.

I’ve seen videos about it but didn’t have the time to do it yet.

@Imperol Would you mind sharing some?

@augustin Sure. I have one that uses a custom tool I build

  1. Validate email deliverability, check MX, and email cleanup with the API. For now, its free of charge
    Verifying Email deliverability using google sheets and Effibotics API | n8n workflow template

  2. Extracting emails from websites

  1. This one is a Yellow Pages scrapper, I have not yet submitted it as a template as its way customized

  1. Send emails using an SMTP provider while adhering to the limits. This is useful if your email provider has a limitation on the number of emails you can send per hour or per day

I will share some more in future