Updated n8n, lost all workflows

I just updated from pre-1.0 to post-1.0 and in doing so it asked me to create a new user when I booted it back up, created a user with the exact same credentials as before and I can see no workflows.

Any clue where I went wrong, and if these are recoverable?

Nevermind, it’s back. My original login is back too. That was bizarre.

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Hi @EricSGS :wave: Glad this got sorted out :slight_smile: This may have been an issue with the drive mount or something similar post-upgrade, but it sounds like you don’t need to worry :tada:

Yeah, I did the update, then it wouldn’t auto-run because Node was out of date, so I updated node, then it still wouldn’t auto-run so I ran it manually (that’s when I had to create a new user and all the workflows were cone).

So I went back and updated the env file to add Node’s address and then it would auto-run. When it finished but then it was “starting up, please wait” for 30 minutes while I bit my nails. After that it was just fine.

(Well not just fine, when accessing a workflow it would say “lost connection” and we couldn’t save… well we could save if we left the workflow and generated a modal warning to save, but the normal save button was gone. That was also fixed by tweaking the env file to set the server messages explicitly.)

One thing I’ll mention - if you have a lot of data from pre-1.0, the migration can take quite a while :see_no_evil: I’m glad you also could tweak the env file to get that connection issue to go away too.

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