Updating Google Group Members

I need to update the membership of some Google Groups using N8N. It looks like this isn’t supported by the built-in Google Workspace Admin “Update Group” node.

Are there any examples of how to do this, or something similar, with the HTTP node?

In particular, I’m not sure how to do the authentication.

Thanks for any pointers,

Hey @Adam_Shand,

I don’t think we have any examples on how to do this but using the HTTP Request node would be the best approach at the moment.

You would need to add the node to your workflow then select your Google Workspace Admin credential as a predefined credential and use this API Method: members.insert  |  Admin console  |  Google for Developers

So your node may look something like the below, You would need to change GROUP_ID in the URL to match the ID of the group you are looking to add a user to.

Thank you, will give it a shot.

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