Updating n8n - Digital Ocean

I followed this install guide to install n8n on digital ocean. Managed to get up and running quickly and without any issues. I now would like to update n8n.
I am following these docker composed instructions however when running docker-compose pull i just get an error saying

Can’t find a suitable configuration file in this directory or any
parent. Are you in the right directory?

I assume I am not in the correct directory, but not sure what to do from here.
Can anyone assist?


Hi @mbuk, welcome to the community!

The guide suggests simply running git clone https://github.com/n8n-io/n8n-docker-caddy.git, which would typically happen in a user’s home directory (unless you change the directory beforehand).

Can you run the below commands to help understand your current directory structure?

ls -lh

pwd prints the current working directory (i.e. the directory you are in) while ls -lh lists all files in the current directory.

This should tell us a little more about the next steps.

Thanks for the reply.
Please see below:

Seems like your docker compose configuration might live in the n8n-digital-ocean directory. Can you run cd n8n-digital-ocean (to change into this directory) and then do ls -lh once again (and share the output)?

I suspect the problem here could be that the guide has slightly changed, and the directory is now called n8n-docker-caddy (which wouldn’t work for you).

Please see below as requested:

Looking good. The docker-compose.yml file on your screenshot would be what your docker compose pull command is looking for. Can you try running this command in your n8n-digital-ocean directory?

That all looks to have worked successfully - really appreciate your support. Thank you!

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Awesome, glad to hear this helped & thanks for confirming!

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