Upgrade Webflow node to support API v2

Webflow recently updated its API to version 2, opening up a bunch of new possibilities.

It would be awesome if the Webflow node got updated to support the new API version.

My use case:

Work with the Webflow API and do more advanced stuff than currently, like utilizing PATCH to update single CMS fields.

Any resources to support this?

Webflow API v2 documentation

Are you willing to work on this?

No, I don’t have the skillset for something (to me at least) that complex.

I would also like to use the updated version of Webflow’s API instead of a legacy API key.

Additionally, Webflow has a new logo. When selecting to work with a Webflow node, I am seeing the old logo.

According to this post in the Webflow forum, v1 will be deprecated in 2024.