Upload File to Synology Filestation using http-POST

I’ve been trying to connect my synology via n8n via API with the http request for quite some time. This works so far that I get files/thumbnails/sharelinks loaded from the synology. What I am failing at is uploading files to the synology via ‘POST’.
I am attaching the Synology documentation for the upload and my n8n flow with the working parts.
It also contains the not yet working line for the upload (it is not connected at the moment, but works until the http request to upload the file to the synology).
Does anyone have an idea or a tip on how to get the upload working?
Many thanks in advance.

It seems like you need to send the file and fields using multipart/form-data. The HTTP can send data using multipart-form-data, but not multiple fields simultaneously (as you need to). This limitation is a known limitation that will be addressed in the next iteration of the HTTP node. In the meantime, you can achieve this using a function node. The link below shows an example of how to do it.

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