Upload to Wordpress, in Gutenberg format

I’m trying to upload articles to Wordpress. The articles are uploaded fine, however, some formatting is lost. I am uploading the text using the Wordpress node.

The posts are loaded as one block of text, however, I am looking to load them in a Gutenberg-compatible format. (Example: **text** to be converted to strong text).

I’ve done this in python before. Also, when I copy same the text I am trying to load and simply paste it into an empty Wordpress post, I get the right formatting automatically (i.e. WP understands that **text** is strong text).

Had anyone got any tips how to solve this?

Hi @Pha_Prod :wave:

I just had a test here through my local Wordpress install - I don’t believe this formatting is supported :see_no_evil: This didn’t work for me, either through the Wordpress node or with the HTTP Request node.

What does work is using HTML tags, however - so instead of trying **strong text**, you could use <b>strong text</b>. This is an example with using both <h1> and <b> tags:

And that workflow looks like this:

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