Uploading Google Drive Files to Google Cloud Storage

Hi, Im trying to upload files loaded in Google Drive to Google Cloud Storage. Despite the workflow runs succesfull the document arrives with 0 Bytes. Will appreciate suggestions regarding the proper configuration of :

  • File Content
  • Create Fields
  • Body Parameters
  • Encryption Headers


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@Heriberto_Linares likely you’ll want to have “Use Binary Property” set to true and use binary data.

Here is a video I recorded on binary data in n8n: https://www.loom.com/share/387d3b8fadbd419aa4b256bdc347099b?sid=18cbf1d8-ea52-4ac8-a776-e324755a4752

In short, you’ll need to download the file first with HTTP Request node (likely using text/html field from your Google Drive Trigger output payload). This will then be a “binary” file in your workflow; which you can upload in your Google Cloud Storage step. My video above should explain the necessary concepts to do this.

Hope that helps!

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@maxT Hi Max, thanks for the prompt response, tried with the binary property but coudnt make it work. Attached the error message. :worried:

In case there is any other clue. Thanks in advance.

@Heriberto_Linares did you download the file in a HTTP Request node step in between the Trigger and Google Cloud Storage? I suspect not, as there is no binary data flowing into your Google Cloud Storage step.

@maxT Thanks Max, it did work following your suggestion !

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