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hello, how can I get the url of a file within the storage using an HTTP node?


Hello @LorenzoSbeghen,

Depending if the bucket is public or private, you’d have to do this with multiple HTTP-Request-Nodes, using the Supabase API, since the n8n-integrated Supabase node can only access the Database from Supabase.

You can find more information on this page: Supabase Docs, if you use your browser search (Strg+F) and search for “Generate a presigned url to retrieve an object” and " Retrieve an object via a presigned URL".

It seems that this part of their documentation still doesn’t support direct links and is not indexed in their own search, this is why I sadly wasn’t able to send you a direct link to the specified routes, but you should be able to find them now, searching the title of the routes I provided.

This should be enough to download files from their s3 service and use them in your workflow.

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