Use n8n to create a Hubspot app others can install?

Hi - I’m still trying to get my head around everything that can be done with n8n.

I’m using and would like to create an application others can install from the Hubspot marketplace. When a user installs the app, it would connect to their account’s data per Hubspot’s OAuth requirements (as opposed to being an internal tool that only connects to my data).

It looks like the “Hubspot OAuth2 API” & Hubspot node are tied to a single, specific account. The “Hubspot Developer API” & Hubspot Trigger node appear to be tied to an app, but it’s not clear yet how to connect a workflow to individually installed accounts.

Is it possible to create 3rd-party installable applications like this using n8n?
If so, what might be the right or best way to go about this?

Thanks in advance for any help,

Hey @clayton!

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It is currently not possible to do what you have described. Below is my explanation

The user of your HubSpot needs access to your cloud instance to Sign-in and authenticate themselves. Now, sharing your cloud credentials with the users is not at all ideal.
Currently, there is no mechanism to authenticate these users from outside of n8n.

I am not familiar with the HubSpot app development. If HubSpot allows the user to add an app in their workspace (without the need for the auth process), then I think you can create an app.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks @harshil1712 . Would this requirement change if I were to either

  1. use the self-hosted version of n8n instead of, or
  2. created a workflow that manually connected to Hubspot via the HTTP Request and Webhook nodes instead of the prebuilt Hubspot nodes?

Sharing the discussion that @clayton and I had:

Currently, it is not possible for a user to login into a node outside of n8n. But you can create use the Webhook node, and the HTTP Request node to replicate the authentication method and authenticate the user for the app. You can then use these credentials to connect with your app.

@clayton, feel free to add any points that I may have missed :slight_smile:

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