Use of the WhatsApp API

Good evening to all,

I’ve seen that the WhatsApp node doesn’t exist on n8n (for the moment :))

There are currently burglaries in my neighbourhood. I would like to create an Airtable base for :

  1. identify most of my surrounding neighbours
  2. once identified, allow my neighbours to report an incident

The idea afterwards is to warn them as soon as an incident is reported by means of an email and a WhatsApp message (in a group where we can interact together). My neighbours will have the choice of being notified by email, or WhatsApp, or both.

I have seen that WhatsApp offers an API but for business use, do you think I can use it in a roundabout way? And even better with an existing node on n8n? (all this obviously at the lowest cost)

Thank you!

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Hi @arthurcorre

Yes, there is a workaround to use WhatsApp API with an existing node in n8n.

You can use Twilio Node to send messages to WhatsApp.