User is not created via HTTP, it takes the html from the site

I need your help to help me in this integration, I need a light at the end of the tunnel. lol

I need to integrate the s2member api with N8n.

That’s the documentation for s2.

So, I created an HTTP Request node, look at the image

I created this json code, according to the s2 API

What I need is to register the user from the remote api.

I’ve done it all the time and I can’t.

I need a light, you don’t have to give me the fish, I just want you to teach me how to fish.

I will be grateful,

Hi @denverfix :wave:

First things first - I’ve removed that screenshot that contains your API key :see_no_evil: You might want to rotate your keys as well!

It looks like you unfortunately need the Pro version of the plugin so I can’t test this directly - but are you able to make the same call with Postman or Insomnia and have it be successful? Or is it the same error?


I own the pro version.

This print api is not complete.

I didn’t test with Postman.

If you need I can install a pro version of s2member, I own the Lifetime version.

I would be grateful

Hi @denverfix - cheers for that information!

On the n8n side of things, it looks like you’re using an older version of the HTTP Request node. You might want to upgrade to the latest version of n8n, and then remove the node and re-add it to the workflow to ensure you’ve got the latest version.

I’d also suggest talking to s2 support here, and seeing if they can give you a cURL request you can then use in the HTTP Request node, as well as maybe ask them which version of their plugin you might need to be using too :bowing_man: If the cURL they give you doesn’t work in n8n, you might want to test it out in Postman/Insomnia, and see if you get a different response or error.

Sorry I can’t be of more direct help!

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Thanks for the tip, I’m contacting the developer and after that I will try new things.

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