User Management Basic Auth


Is there a way to add several users for a webhook in the Basic Auth?
In a desktop version.

Thanks a lot

Hey @herrT15,

The webhooks only support one user account, You could in theory build out your own auth process and check the auth values yourself if you wanted to and this is not a pretty process and has some issues but here is a workflow that needs the same auth request as Basic auth, It decodes the base64 auth header then generates the hash for the password and compares it against the hash from the “user database” which is just a code node for this example.

I wouldn’t recommend using this in a production workflow but as a fun little project it might give you some ideas of what could be possible.


Thanks a lot!!

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Might also be helpful to know that webhook node supports route parameters . While that might not be useful for scalable and secure auth, it might be helpful for your usecase.

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