User Management

I am trying to integrate n8n with my existing app.
The problem statement is -
To create the users in n8n using API’s without having the users to enter any details from the frontend as our app already has it own user module.I dont want to use Invite API(POST - rest/users endpoint ) as it will prompt the end user to enter details manually which we don’t want. Is there any way to create users using internal APIs without using invite user functionality?

Hi @Pooja_Samudre

You should be able to do this through the database. That way you can simply add users without invites or anything like that.

It is possible however that you are using n8n where you need an embedded n8n license.
So make sure to check: License - n8n Documentation


Hi BramKnuever,

Thanks for quick reply.

I already have an embedded n8n license. Can you please explain how I can add users to the n8n database directly without using n8n APIs?

HI @Pooja_Samudre

How to connect to the database depends on the database you are using of course.
When you are connected you will see a table called users or something similar. In this table you can add users. Just look at the existing users to see what to fill in for the new users.
The role of a user is the most important thing here. Do not set it to the Owner role. :slight_smile:

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