Using MAP or flatMap in Node

Does someone can inform how I can use map or flatmap into Function Node?

If I understood correctly you want to map this:

  "code": 886079657,
  "codinterger": "1377",
  "fullname": "ACME",
  "tags": [
      "tag": "Supplier"
      "tag": "testA"
      "tag": "testB"
      "tag": "testC"
  "type": "N"

To this:

   "tags": ["Supplier", "testA", ....]

If that is the case, you can use the Item Lists node. Check the example below.

Example workflow

Hi @RicardoE105 ,
almost it, it you see in my code, then you will notice that I need to insert a increment in the result:

"value": ${t.tag}

An index? I ran you code a got:

To do that, add the following code to Map2

const tags = items[0].json.tags;
return [
    json: {
      tags: => `value: ${tag.tag}`)

@RicardoE105 , your solution worked very well. Thank you.
If you allow me, let me ask you one more thing, how many ways is possible to select a Node, for instance:

items[0].json.tags // select from the current node
$node["Function"].json["tags"] // select from a specific node
$item(0).$node["Init Data"].data["myNumber"];
$items("Webhook_Start", 0, 0)[0].json.body
$items("HTTP Request", 0, counter)