Using Respond to Webhook to answer with an URL

Hi community,
I am new here and I am not a coder :relaxed:
But I am very used with no-code environment.

I’ve build my 1st workflow in n8n and it is working very good so far… but I want to improve it slightly.
I am using a Webhook to trig this workflow, and I use a Respond to Webhook node to show a simple text message in the browser when webhook is trigged.
I want to improve that by showing my webpage instead of showing a simple text… but I couldn’t understand how to set the URL of my webpage in the Respond to Webhook node ?
Can anyone show me how to set it ?
Many thanks

Hey @travelanim,

Welcome to the community :rocket:

So rather than showing the webhook message you just want to redirect to your site? You could send a refresh meta tag and do something like the example below.

Hi jon,

Thank you so much for the help.
It is working perfectly. :+1:t3:

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