Using Toggl node

Describe the issue/error/question

I’m trying to use the Toggl Trigger node. I have it set up properly and when I press “Execute Workflow” I get the data correctly, and I am sending it to a Telegram Bot. I don’t seem to be able to get the polling timing to work correctly for the Node to trigger automatically at any time interval.

I’ve added a poll time of every minute but it never triggers. I’m using the desktop app and the app is open, and the workflow is set to Active, and executes correctly everytime I press “Execute Workflow”.

Thanks for any insight as to what I’m doing wrong.

What is the error message (if any)?

No error message - the workflow simply seems to not trigger.

Please share the workflow

Share the output returned by the last node

Output is the expected string: Node: "Get Month's Pay" $xxxx

Information on your n8n setup

  • n8n version: 1.4.0
  • Database you’re using (default: SQLite):
  • Running n8n with the execution process [own(default), main]:
  • Running n8n via desktop app

Hey @aks9, welcome to the community! I am so sorry to hear you’re having trouble here.

Seeing your workflow is active, did you check the Execution list for any indication as to what might have gone wrong? Data from your production executions wouldn’t show up on the canvas straight away (unlike test data). You can find the Execution list here:

And then open the data for an individual execution using this button:

Hi MutedJam, thanks for your reply
I might be misunderstanding you, but since the problem is the fact that the scenario isn’t triggering on poll, only on execution, I’m not sure what I can determine from looking at the execution history?

For testing I’m letting my node trigger every minute, but it just doesn’t trigger unless I execute it manually. When I do it manually, it works fine and the data in the execution list is all fine too.

Thanks for any other suggestions, or maybe there is something specific I should be looking for as an indication in the execution list?

Sorry, at first I though it was just a misunderstanding here about the difference between test data (showing up in your canvas) and production data (not showing up unless you specifically look for it).

I’ve also tested the Toggl trigger node on my end, and it would start my workflows as expected:

From looking at the code of this node it’s also not using overly complex logic, though it does rely on the timestamps being correctly set.

So I wonder if your n8n instance might perhaps use a wrong time zone. Could you check your n8n-desktop.env file (inside the .n8n folder of your home directory) if there is a GENERIC_TIMEZONE variable being configured? If so, does it match the time zone you are in?

Hi MutedJam,

Thanks for following up on this. Indeed I do have GENERIC_TIMEZONE set in the desktop.env file - I tried this originally when I had the workflow configured to run once per day. The reason I’m now trying to run it with polling at “every minute” is as a bypass incase the time-zone was misconfigured somehow.

I would guess that if it’s set to every minute, it should run regardless of the timezone though?