Verify if the email adress exists in Hubspot

Hey community,

I want to create a node to verify if the email adress exist in Hubspot or not ?
Which solution do you recommend ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey G,
you can use our Hubspot node to search contacts with email addresses like this.

Here is an example workflow how this would look like.

Make sure to enable Always Output Data on your Hubspot node so that it continues if no contact is found.


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Thank you mister Marcus, it works :slight_smile:

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Hey G, glad I could help and thank you for confirming. It would be great if you mark my previous answer as solution to let other community members know that we solved the issue.

Hey Marcus, It’s done ! Yes we learn together :slight_smile:

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Hey again, idk why i have this output, do you have an idea what should change ?

Output :

Hey TheG,
that would be the expected behavior if your hubspot node does not find a contact for the email. I created a sample workflow with Always Output Data to continue with an empy contact.

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