Verify webhook output - debug TheHive trigger

Hi, I just setup n8n on docker on ubuntu VM following official guide. I intend to check its posibilities regarding automatizing operations on TheHive, but first i am trying to get trigger node working(?). I configured TheHive as it should be and I am receiving data on VM when creating cases and tcpdumping, but i dont see any data on TheHive trigger node (i guess i should?).

Workflow is configured as a single trigger node, saved and executed, but nothing is appearing when i open him and generate data on TheHive.

Any advice to troubleshoot this? Is there any kind of debug/output node?
I did simple docker related SW install following official docs. Running on default database of n8n.


Hi @stanley783, welcome to the community :tada:

I am very sorry to hear you’re running into trouble here. TheHive is unfortunately a system I have never used myself. However, from taking a quick look it seems the TheHive Trigger node would register a webhook with TheHive. Can you check the webhooks registered in TheHive? Do you see the n8n-created webhook and are there any logs for successful/failed webhooks?

On n8n side, it’s important to understand there is test data and production data. Test data (the kind of data you receive when manually executing a workflow) which is shown directly in the n8n canvas. Production data is processed behind the scenes and wouldn’t show up in your n8n canvas immediately. Instead you would need to check past production executions via the execution list available in the sidebar on the left:


Can you see your executions in there?

Thanks a bunch, that is what i was looking for. I did not see anything in Executions even after while, in my first trying, but they indeed are there now.