Version Control + Test Environments

Curious if anyone has suggestions on how to handle version control and testing in n8n. I’m finding that as our system gets more complex, we’re finding it increasingly difficult to make updates to our system without them.

Essentially, every time I update our system to add new features, I’m testing in our production environment. I also keep a bunch of stale workflows OFF in case I need to revert.

Curious about best practices / features that we can take advantage of.

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We create our workflows locally for testing then do a manual import into our live system. We then backup our live systems workflows to git every 3 hours using an n8n workflow.

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As @Jon suggests, until we get built-in environments out, the best way to have separation between dev and prod environments is probably to run two separate instances of n8n and move workflows between them when ready.

Which of course you could use a workflow to do…

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@sirdavidoff got it. Do you have an estimated timeline for releasing environments?

Some time next year. Sorry can’t be more specific, but we need to get user management out of the way (and hire some more devs)


Hello, just checking if there was any progress on the environments feature and whether there is an updated release timeframe?

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