Very slow processing time - SET (calculations)


I have quite a simple workflow… but it has to calculate a few things…

it takes over 20 seconds to finish the above part (it takes 1 or 2 secs for the http request to finish)

above are the calculations that i am doing (times 9)

Is there anything i can do to make it faster?

Thank you in advance

Hi @xewonder - thanks for writing on this one!

A couple of things here that would make this workflow run a bit faster.

First, splitting these into two set nodes, instead of just the one, will help. In essence, you’d add another set node before the one you currently have to split up and simplify the data.

So you’d have that new Set node return two fields (one containing the value of $node["Calculate Average Speed"].json["Avg_speed"] , another one containing the value of $node["HTTP Request"].json["distances"][8][9] ).

Another important thing to do would be to use dot notation instead - like in this workflow (where the data is already split into two Set nodes for you):

So instead of something like this:

You’d use something like this:

It’ll make the workflow run much faster :+1:


Thank you so much… let me try…


Thank you so much!!!

time down to 6 - 11 seconds for everything! before it was 29 - 40!!

Will “tweak” even more!


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