Wait for parallel actions to execute

How to wait for 2 parallel actions execution to complete to move to the next action?
I tried the “Merge” action but it’s blocking access to previous actions’ data and only passes the last 2 actions’ data

any other solution? am I using the “Merge” action wrong?

Hi @Mohammad_Al-Qurashi - welcome back to the forums :vulcan_salute:

That template that was provided when you first created the post would need to be filled out for us to help you out here - can you please share your workflow by copying and pasting from the n8n workflow editor and placing it between two sets of three backticks (```)? Also, are you running n8n locally or using n8n cloud, and what version are you on?

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sorry for ignoring the template
my flow is a bit complicated and not sure if I can share it … but I got around the issue by moving action flows around
so it’s more or less looks like this:

I am running latest version of n8n on a private cloud server

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