Wait respond to webhook causing issue

Hello Community,

I have this workflow :

I have another Node in a different workflow calling the webhook mentionned above :

the HTTP request should wait till the respond to webhook send the data back, but as you see in the screenshot it answers immediately.

I tried without the wait node and it works fine, I suppose the wait node is causing the issue now.

There is any workaround to resolve that ?

Hey @TheG,

So the issue here is the workflow gets sent to the database to be resumed for any wait that is over something like 64 seconds when that happens the workflow is not really running so the webhook ends.

Typically a wait over 60 seconds is going to cause issues and 35 minutes is a long time for a connection to stay open, Typically for things like this it would be better to have 2 webhooks one to submit the data to which returns an id then have another webhook that you can call in a loop to check the status.

I would use something like redis so your first workflow would save an id in redis and when finished mark it as completed, You would then make a workflow that checks that status when called and you could then loop that call as many times as you want.

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