Wait To Execute Node Path

I have a workflow that has two branching node paths off of an IF node that execute when the IF node is False.

These two paths run parallel, but if possible I’d like to have one of the paths fully run before the other one did. Is this possible to do right now without just looping the last node of the first path to the first node of the last path? It just helps keep things cleaner and also makes it simpler if I need to add nodes to the end of the “first” node path.

Hi @jhambach, these paths shouldn’t execute in parallel as n8n would only execute one node at a time inside a given execution.

You might, however, not see this if your functions finish very fast and such workflows can be hard to read (as the branch running first depends on the order in which you have connected your nodes).

So you could consider a sequential approach to building your workflow and simply put one node after each other. If you need to “get back” data from a previous node, you can do so with the Merge node in Pass-Through mode.

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That actually should accomplish what I need! I previously used Integromat, and they had a node called Router that would allow you to execute “paths” in the order you choose (in case data from an earlier path needs to be referenced in a later one) but your solution I believe will do the exact same thing. Thanks again!

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You’re most welcome, give me a shout if something doesn’t work as expected!