Was there a change in parallel execution?

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In 0.216.3 (Windows, SQLite DB, via npm, default EXECUTIONS_PROCESS value) we had a very simple workflow with a Kafka trigger that reads 1 kafka message and sends it to the Code node which runs code that takes about 10s to finish and prints start and end timestamps. If we write, for example, 5 messages into the Kafka topic, 5 parallel executions would be triggered, they print the start timestamp, and 10s later they print the end timestamp (they all finished roughly at the same time)

In 0.236.2 (Linux, Postgres DB, via npm, default EXECUTIONS_PROCESS value) we created the same workflow, but if we write 5 messages into the Kafka topic, the 5 workflow executions run sequentially: execution 1 for 10s, then execution 2 for 10s, and so on.

What is the error message (if any)?

No error message, but we prefer the previous behaviour, as it can benefit from paralellization. Is this configurable? For us, this process went from ~10s to ~50s

Please share your workflow


Hi @golimarrrr :wave:

This took some digging but it looks like this was changed in 0.228.0 for Kafka. You can find this in the changelog here: Release [email protected] · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub

You can change the parallel processing in the trigger under “Options”, if you add an option here:


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