Watching Nodes

I have shifted a lot of my automation over from MAKE(formerly Integromat) to n8n.

They have many more integrations out of the box that n8n do not which means I end up making many HTTP nodes to recreate the functionality.

They have these ACID/WATCHER nodes

So when in this example, my site posts something new, it catches that and then triggers the flow.

How can this be done in n8n? Any ideas?

These are the last type of flows I am unable to move over yet.

Sounds like this is an automated approach to polling. There is a similar feature request for n8n on which you might want to leave a vote:

For the time being, you could implement a full blown polling logic like @harshil1712 has described here: Creating triggers for n8n workflows using polling ⏲ (this is not specific to WordPress, but you can easily transfer the basic idea).

For something like “process new blog posts” you could alternatively just have your n8n workflow run every hour and then fetch any posts created in the last hour. Here is an example flow fetching all posts on the n8n blog created in the last hour:

Example Workflow

Of course, it doesn’t have to happen every hour, you can adjust the polling time as needed.


have no votes left, but thanks will have a read into these

Hey @RedPacketSec,

What have you got votes down for?

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Hey @RedPacketSec,

Looking at that list you can drop the votes from Reddit and the Wait node if they are still being counted, I am not sure if Discourse automatically handles that (@MutedJam?)

If you really needed another one you could drop the vote from Notes at workflow level as well, In the community meeting last month it was mentioned as something that was coming soon :smile:

I am unable to remove votes for completed items.

I will have a look and see what I can find out with votes and how they are handled.