Wave Accounting GraphQL sample nodes

In case anyone uses Waveapps - Wave Accounting,
Wave Financial: Financial Software for Small Businesses (waveapps.com)
here are some nodes I built that may make others life easier. They use graphql and these should get you started


Thank you for this! I’m working to get a list of invoices from Wave, which is working. However, it returns the resulting list of invoices as a single item. How do I split these up into separate items? I’m new to this, and I tried the “Item List” node set to “Split Out Items”, but that’s not working for me. Any other hints? TIA

The above nodes still work for me and I am not seeing the need to split it up.
Unfortunately, I am not a JS expert and have always relied on this forum for all kinds of “split” items - they are always different in every API !!

Thanks for taking a look! I’ll keep hacking at it :slight_smile:

Thanks again for getting me started with this. I was able to split out invoices into individual items using the following workflow. There are probably more elegant ways to do this, but it’s been working for me.

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Noob Question here. is it possible to create a multi-line invoice from an excel document? So I want to create a invoice for my customers for all the services they have used throughout the month.

Hello, I think this should be possible but unfortunately, it’s beyond my current capabilities. Here is an example of creating an invoice from the Wave API documentation: https://developer.waveapps.com/hc/en-us/articles/360038817812-Mutation-Create-invoice. You may be able to use that as a starting point.