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:heart: Oh Wow. Happy that the n8n team grows bigger.


Hi ! Is there opportunities as Freelance Developer ?

There certainly could be! Have just send you a message.


Do you hire selftaugh people ? I have no diploma but i build easy website on WordPress and now i am learning code HTML , CSS and PHP

My PHP level was pour and i wish to developp my own website without wp .

I am looking for job.

I am web entrepreneur on the side

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Hey i was curious about which requirements you have for this kind of job, it would be nice to share it within the community, so some of us might be inspired and/or ready to apply for the next round.

Obviously with security in mind, this is a risk of exposing your stack/infrastructure so it might worth it to only make that post available to the member of the community and not public like this one :wink:

Interested in Junior Fullstack Engineer!

The backend engineer position is closed, but there is a full stack one open here

If anything’s not covered, just let us know

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