Web scraping and extract specific data


I have tried all the possible ways to extract very specific data from the HTML but I cannot get it to show up in a list so I can dump it in excel.

I ant all the API from this table into excel so I can export it in my API call.

I can get the data into n8n but cannot extract the api table from here [Preformatted text](https://www.manageengine.com/patch-management/api/api-patch-details-view.html)

Hi @techbrooks, I’d suggest splitting this up into multiple extraction steps. First, get the rows. Then, read the fields for reach individual row.

Here’s an example workflow showing my approach:

This is how the results look like:

Is this what you had in mind?


I just went for the CSS selector of that column


WOW you both gave me the solution in few min and I have been struggling for hours where can I improve my skills with n8n.

THANK YOU so much.

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I like you solution as well but the second one is what I am looking for… Thank You again for your help

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practise is how you get better, i was terrible to start with :wink:

@MutedJam’s solution was far more elegant and organised tbh :wink: