Web server of n8n

Hello there!

Please could me someone instruct which software works as a web server after I install n8n to the Ubuntu server (Docker n8n installation suite)?

My question is about whether I am able to use it to execute cgi scripts on the same server as n8n? I need to run some python scripts which are not related to n8n. Can I use a web server of n8n?
Or should I install nginx separately for that?

Thanks in advance for any advice

Hi @Nicolay_Vasiliev, most web servers could be used as a reverse proxy in front of n8n if you want them to. To avoid having to switch to ports others than 80/443 for HTTP/HTTPS traffic my suggestion would be to stick to the one you already use instead of setting up another webserver.

The only culprit could be n8n’s use of Server-Sent Events (SSE) which require a little extra configuration (here is an example for nginx).

Hi @MutedJam
Thanks a lot for your answer! Sorry my late response, didn’t receive a notification. I decided not to use the web server at the same server :). It was difficult to me to realise.

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