Webhook and Odoo

Hi Team. Im new with N8N and so far i love it.
I have managed to create a workflow and it works like a charm. I get data from Odoo and push them to mysql.

At this point i would like to use webhook and trigger the changes from odoo live.
my plan is to change a field in odoo and then trigget the update in mysql using the id of the record.
Theoretically is something that should work but in stuck with webhook and how it works in N8N. Has anyone done something similar?

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

Hey @petech,

Assuming Odoo supports webhooks you can create a workflow in n8n that uses a webhook as a trigger and set the method to whatever Odoo would be using (probably post) then that will give you the URL you can put into Odoo to trigger your events.

I am not sure if Odoo requires anything special though like header verification or something.

Thank you Jon. I will do some more research on that

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