Webhook binary data file names

Unable to access binary files that have been uploaded by POST to a webhook using the “read binary file” node

The read binary file has an error message of (filename) “could not be accessed”

The webhook is seeing the binary data come in and i am able to download it from the test event, and there are file names being stored (as below)

However the read binary file node is unable to open these files: as below:

When I drop into the docker container and look at the files in /tmp they are listed as different file names, all beginning with “upload_” and no file extn, as below:

opening these files reveals they are the files i am looking for, however there is no reference to be able to identify which file is the one i am looking for in this instance.

How can i adjust this, so the webhook is able to pass the actual file names to the next node for processing?

Hi @ubtams, I am sorry you’re having trouble. Unfortunately I am not quite sure what exactly you are doing here as it seems you have skipped all the information the forum template is asking for when posting a new questions.

Which version of n8n are you using? How exactly are you writing your files to disk? Any particular reason you are using the Read Binary File seeing you already have the binary files in n8n?

Hi @MutedJam thanks for the update, we are using 0.215.2 in docker

I’m not trying to save the files as binary to disk, rather it seems this is what the incoming webhook node is doing when it receives the 2 files from the POST request


Thanks @ubtams! Seeing your data is already in n8n you wouldn’t need the Read Binary File node (which would simply read files from your filesystem). Your JSON file could for example be processed by the Move Binary Data node instead if you want to access its content in n8n.

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