Webhook Error in workflow details

Is it possible to get more detailed feedback of what has gone wrong in a workflow?

I’ve got a workflow that starts with a webhook and end with a respond to webhook node, and would really like to get information of where (/in which node) things have gone wrong, as well as the details.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @dickhoning, this is what error workflows would do. Check out the blog post on this topic:

Hi @MutedJam the workflow with the error trigger is a separate workflow, whereas I would like to send error back via the Respond to Webhook node, so that the error is fed back directly to the api call.

Ah, I see what you have in mind now.

That’s not something n8n offers out of the box right now I am afraid. You would essentially need to select “Continue On Fail” on each node in your workflow, then check if an error occurred (for example through the IF node) and lastly send a special error response in the Respond to Webhook node if an error occurred.

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Hi @MutedJam ‘Continue on Fail’ is exactly what I was looking for … and the error gets passed back to the api call :slight_smile:

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