Webhook Failed with Activecampaign

I’m trying to create a flow that starts with a webhook node.

I put this webhook in an automation inside activecampaing, so when the contact goes through it, it comes to the N8N and from the N8N I take it to the airtable.

However, on the N8N side, everything is configured correctly, post method, saved and active flow, production url.

But in active when the contact goes through the webhook node it jumps and reports failure.

But I can’t identify what this failure is, because using a webhook tester, everything works.

I’m using n8n as a self host, on a Digital Ocean machine and the installation was done using Docker. The latest version of N8N that is installed.

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Sadly no idea what system you are using and why it would “skip” the n8n Webhook. Did you try to call the Webhook manually with curl, Postman or similar?

If you do it, is it reachable? Does it return a response code 200 and says that it started the workflow?

Is there any way of seeing in the tool you are using what is happening in that step (maybe you can see the response there).


Yes I did, when sending manually I get the code 200.

I also tested sending Activecampaign to the webhoo.site and I’m also successful.

The problem only occurs when I try to send from ActiveCampaign to N8N.

I opened a ticket in the tool to see what error message it returns.

Because for me it only appears as a failure in the webhook.

The only information I have is that the webhook needs to be of type POST, use SSL and port 443.

All this is being done, I don’t know why it doesn’t work.

Sorry, if the n8n webhook works via curl/Postman I sadly have no idea why it would not work with Active Campaign. In this case, you probably really have to wait for a response from their support to give you additional information on what exactly is going on.

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Okay, I’ll wait for their response.

I believe only on the second now.

I’m a bit layman, so if this is a very amateurish question, forgive me.

Is there a possibility that some n8n or digital ocean configuration is blocking the Active Campaign IP?

Something related to a firewall…

Neither I or anybody else I am aware of added any configuration which should do that. So doubt that. Anyway some services out there sometimes make some questionable design decisions which are not conform with the standards and then something like that could theoretically happen. Anyway do not think that is the case here.

Same with Digital Ocean, could theoretically be possible but also honestly unlikely.

Generally sounds very strange and can currently not explain what is going on there. Very sad that Active Campaign does by default not offer any more information what is going on except that it failed.

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I got the following feedback from ActiveCampaign support, something related to the size of the request.
I even saw about the N8N_PAYLOAD_SIZE_MAX function, but it doesn’t solve the problem.
And the error occurs also in the desktop version of n8n, which I don’t know how to increase the limit.

This is data from a test I did sent from ActiveCampaign to Webhook.site

One more piece of information that may be relevant for us to find a solution together.

I took the data generated in the webhook.site and put it in jasoncrack and noticed a very large amount of characters.

ActiveCampaign sends a huge amount of metadata and maybe the size limit is not MB but characters, if that makes sense, how can I get around it?

Below is the file with all the information sent by the webhook.


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