Webhook for Google tasks

Hi Everyone. Good to be here. I am non coder non tech person.

I am just trying to get new tasks created in google tasks into todoist.

I have managed to run n8n desktop on my windows and was able to configure the credentials for google tasks and todoist. I am able to get tasks from google tasks when I play the node. I am trying to use the webhook as a trigger. I have the webhook url but I am at a loss where I need to incorporate that in the google tasks api settings.

I am on windows 11 and using the desktop version. Many thanks for any guidance :pray:

Hi there @anilerkan - welcome back to the community :tada:

I had a peek there, and it looks like the Google Tasks API doesn’t have native webhook support. To avoid creating duplicates, you’d need to create some kind of mapping (such as name) and you’d have to create some polling logic like in as described here.

Here’s a quick workflow showing you the idea of what you’d need to do:

Just as a heads up as well, we’ve sunset the desktop app, and it will no longer receive the latest updates to n8n. You may want to switch over to either a cloud or self-hosted plan :slight_smile:

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Just as a warning - I downloaded an archive of the most recent n8n desktop version and this won’t work because of newer nodes that doesn’t exist in it. To use both the schedule trigger and merge node, you’ll have to upgrade and must switch over to cloud or self-hosted in order to get this to work :bowing_woman:

I think I miswrote. English isnt my first language. Actually I am self hosting with npm and node.js on windows. Thanks for taking the time to reply and help. Appreciated.

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No worries @anilerkan - then this should work out well for you :smiley:

How can I import this? I can copy the code but import only has file or URL

If you use ctrl c (or the copy button) here in the forums and then ctrl v in the workflow editor, you should be able to copy and paste it over :slight_smile: Otherwise, you can paste the workflow code into an editor, save it as a .json file, and import it.


Thats really cool actually. :clap:


So The interesting thing is I got the flow to work on a test account that I opened for todoist. When I duplicate the flow and just choose the project for the task to go it still creates duplicates everytime it runs.

And the other one. The second one (below) is the test one that works properly

Any idea on what I need to change? Its making me go crazy. :blush:

This is really weird. When change the credential from the test account to my own account it starts to create duplicates. ırregardless of the project that I choose within the node.

Can you provide some example data for each of the input nodes here? The JSON data that you’re sending to the merge node would be helpful in reproducing this, as I wasn’t receiving duplicates when creating the example workflow for you :sweat_smile:

Also, if you have more than 50 tasks in either Todoist or Google Tasks, you may need to toggle “Return All” - otherwise it could possibly cause this duplication issue.

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Thanks for replying. That did the trick! I changed the task getting to a section of a project in todoist and that solved it. Thanks!


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