Webhook for Vtiger CRM (source) to Mautic (destination)

Describe the issue/error/question

We are researching for webhook from Vtiger 6.5 in order to allow third party connections to Vtiger in order to fetch data from CRM using n8n.io, especially lead creation from CRM Vtiger Leads Module being sync and automatically copied to Mautic as Contact entry as well as extend beyond capabilities of the data parameters other than just lead creation (for example, including status of email sent and open to the Event type in Mautic), Has there any custom mapping in n8n.io been done before or in the past for such implementation of syncing the Lead creation in the VTiger CRM to the Mautic contact record?

What is the error message (if any)?

From what I have seen in the n8n.io website, there seems no availability of VTiger as a node to connect from as source, however I did find this webhook as node: https://n8n.io/integrations/n8n-nodes-base.webhook. We want the Vtiger as source node and Mautic as destination node.

Any comment or input on this question is greatly appreciated, thank you.

Hey @duplexmartin,

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There doesn’t look to be a VTiger node as you have noticed but what you can do if a Node doesn’t exist is to use the HTTP Request node, If VTiger has curl requests in their API documentation it wouldn’t take much work to set up the HTTP Request node to make the calls needed.

If VTiger has support for webhooks you could also make a workflow that takes data over an HTTP / HTTPS request and work with the data from there. Looking at the VTriger API docs they have steps on how to set up a webhook from their side so it would be a case of making a workflow and firing a test request to it to see what the data looks like and work with it from there.