Webhook for Zoom Registration

Hello, Is their any option to get data on webhook when someone registers on Zoom meeting, I tried webhook but got an error URL validation failed. Try again later.

if anyone can help please thanks in advance


Zoom needs to validate your webhook URL. You need your secret from the webhook page. I hope this help to you! :slight_smile:

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I tried but still same error in my account

Have you changed the secret in the crypto node? You can find it on your integration page in Zoom.

yes i changed

Secret Token

Zoom sends the secret token in each event notification we send to your app.
Note: This secret token is used to verify event notifications sent by Zoom.

its shows runnig but zoom says

Check the encryption value field in the webhook response node.

Is still not working?

Nope still same error

Can try something:

  1. Activate your flow
  2. Add your production webhook URL to Zoom