Webhook Node - More Http Method Options [GOT CREATED]

Hello, everyone!

I’m new in n8n and I’ve been playing with Webhook Node for the last few days. I got it working just right, but I wonder if is possible for Webhook to listen to other Http Methods such as, for example, PUT or DELETE. In my use case, I have to use a third party API (which I have no control) and methods GET, POST and HEAD are not enough.

Since Webhook node does not provide this out-of-the-box, I tried to implement my own Trigger Node following the Creating your first trigger node tutorial but I had no success. I tried to setup different http methods on the node description (code below) but it didn’t work. It seems n8n ignores http methods different from GET, POST or HEAD.

Could someone provide me any help on how to accomplish this? Or is it something not possible to implement in n8n?

Thank you very much for the help.

description: INodeTypeDescription = {
webhooks: [
			   name: 'default',
			   httpMethod: 'PUT',
			   responseMode: 'onReceived',
			   path: 'webhook',

Welcome to the community @Henrique_Rabello!

That is currently not possible, also not with a custom node as the core does currently not support that. Would however not be too complicated to add.

Changed your topic to “Feature Request”.

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Uh just saw this Feature Request by accident. This is possible for a while now.

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