Webhook production url not working with bubble

I am posting data from bubble to google sheets via webhooks in n8n. Webhook test url is working but webhook production url is not.

Please see this video: Watch - Screencastify

Here is the error message in bubble.io:

There was an issue setting up your call.

Raw response for the API
Status code 500
{“message”:“Error in workflow”}

Hey @Prakhar_Mishra_Meds,

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What does n8n show in the log when the call from bubble fails and can you share the version of n8n you are running and how you have it configured?

Have you also tried a similar request from curl / postman / insomnia to see if it is just something odd ok the Bubble side.

Hey @Prakhar_Mishra_Meds,
you should also check in the executions list what kind of data was sent to your production webhook und where exactly it fails.

Please provide us this data.


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