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Hi Everyone - I am trying to set the following workflow up:

  1. User clicks a button to send Webhook GET request (on Notion; to act like a button)
  2. New Window opens for the GET request (although ideally, if there was a workaround for this, even better)
  3. Webhook accepted
  4. Window closes (back at notion)

I have tried this with the following code in the Respond to Webhook node, but no luck:

<script>window.open('', '_self', ''); window.close();</script>

The window stays open (although the webhook works fine)

Please share the workflow

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Hi @pb84,

First: I have no experience with “Notion”.
Second: Close a tab/window with javascript works only if the window is open with javascript - not by a response html page with js: window.close().

If you can use html, there are 2 ways:
I prefer working asynchronously with ajax (fetch(), axios, jQuery, etc…). The page can continue to be used and data from the server can be processed.

The second: Open a pop-up and close it with javascript, but Pop-ups are not a nice thing (in my world :slight_smile: )

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>Page Title</title>
    <h1>Call the Webhook...</h1>
    <h2>... and close the window</h2>
    <input id="url" type="text" />
    <button onclick="ajax()">AJAX</button>
    <button onclick="closePopUp()">PopUp</button>

      function getUrl() {
        return document.getElementById("url").value;

      async function ajax() {
        const url = getUrl();
        console.log("Call URL: " + url);
        const response = await fetch(url);

      function closePopUp() {
        const url = getUrl();
        const popUp = window.open(url, "_blank", "width=200, height=100");
        setTimeout(function () {
        }, 300);

With this html, you have an input field to fill in an url and two buttons for ajax and pop-up. The pop-up function has a timeout. Here you have to check how low this can be so that the webhook is executed and not aborted (user/js close window).

Your n8n webhook need additional header: Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * (or better the page-url) to call with XHR from other origins and an immidiately callback with 204 “No content” (or other) so that the process is not aborted when closing tab/pop-up/window.

I hope this brings you a little further in your search for a solution. :wink:

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Thank you for the quick reply @BillAlex - yes so essentially notion just allows you to insert a link and then will open a new tab with that link (doesn’t work like a real button in any way unfortunately).

With that in mind (I do hope that I haven’t missed anything in the post above), is there then a way to close that new window that has been opened once the webhook request has been received and accepted.

Pages opened by link cannot be closed by JavaScript. This would also be a major security risk. Not for nothing are pop-ups blocked by many.

The only possibility would be to reply with a redirect back to the notion page.

However, notion opens all links in a new tab, so the user ends up with many tabs open.

When I try above, it causes n8n to crash (self hosted via digital ocean droplet)

Unfortunately, I use n8n directly via npm, so I can’t help here unfortunately.

But I would try to build the webhook node step by step, so the problem could be narrowed down more precisely.

I seem to remember that there were problems with RAW output. But is needed here to be able to output html.

Hi !!

I have the same scenario, I’m trying to rebuild an automation made with Make. I’ve set up a button in Airtable with the webhook url and I want that once triggered the open tab close automatically. I’ve tried to set a respond webhook with a body but didn’t work :confused: If some one have an idea to how to fix that.

Ps: I retested the process with Airtable and Nocodb and both worked with Make

Thnak’s :smiley:

Edit: Found the solution, I just forgot to link the webhook node and the “respond to webhook” node :upside_down_face: