Webhook speed limits

I have a webhook catching from Hubspot for every new contact. It seems to work fine as contacts are added one at a time, but when I try to import multiple ones, I can see the webhook was sent, but n8n is missing some of them. Even when I just create 4 at a time, n8n might only catch 3. Is there some sort of limit to how fast it handle webhooks? I would have guessed that it would queue all the ones coming so that every single one is processed. I checked in Hubspot and can definitely see that all the webhooks wer sent, but not received or processed by n8n.

Any insight here would be helpful.


Hi @jmr123 :wave:

In the case of multiple requests coming in at once, they’ll be processed in parallel. If multiple webhook triggers fire, n8n will try to run the workflow for each webhook trigger. Multiple executions then may fire at the same time if more than one request has been sent to the webhook, since those triggers try and respond instantly - if you’re seeing some requests get dropped, you may need a queueing system.

If you need queueing, you’d need an external system (something like hookdeck) for your webhooks, or self-host n8n in queue mode.


Thanks! Ironically, I searched around for the right service before seeing your response and ended up on Hookdeck. It’s worked great for my needs so far.

Good to know about the self-hosted queue mode. That’s a great feature.

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