Webhook The requested webhook ... is not registered"

Hi everyone, I’m trying to use the n8n webhook from the tool: prospectin.

Every time I enter the webhook url on prospectin, The requested webhook is not registered is displayed in my powershell.

Can you help me ?

PS: I looked at the forum before, I did not find the solution

Thanks !

Welcome to the community @Aurelien_Garrigaud!

Did you really look through all the posts? Because there are actually quite a few topics about the same?

If you use the test-webhook is the webhook currently executing (you pressed "Execute Workflow)?
If you use the production-webhook did you activate the workflow?

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Yes I did all of that and looked at all the topics. There are many, but I haven’t found an answer…

In fact, as soon as I connect my webhook to the prospectin service, I receive in my power shell :
ResponseError: The requested webhook “POST PATH” is not registered”.

I did not trigger an action, it is really when connecting to the service that the error occurs.

Moreover, I notice that my HTTP Method is Get while POST is indicated in the error.

Then I guess that is the problem. If n8n says that the “POST” route is not registered you are making not a GET request you (or more the service), actually makes “POST” request.
If you have to listen to both GET & POST, you can simply create a second webhook-node with the same path but a different method selected.

Depending on the service you are using, it is possible that they do a kind of pre-check before they register a webhook. They are very many examples which for example send the data via POST but make first a GET request before properly registering a new webhook. Have never seen the other way around (which seems to be the case here send data via GET but make a POST check, and seems honestly very strange) but that does not mean that it does not exist.

Yes that’s it, problem solved. Thank you :smile: