Webhook to discord, creating x-signatures

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I am trying to create a webhook to use the /slash commands in discord, (via a bot) when registering the end point URL in discord (as created by the webhook) and responding with a package of data.type 1, it fails to register, though it is being called and executing.

I suspect it is something with needing to do this…

The internet is a scary place, especially for people hosting open, unauthenticated endpoints. If you are receiving Interactions via outgoing webhook, there are some security steps you must take before your app is eligible to receive requests.

Every Interaction is sent with the following headers:

  • X-Signature-Ed25519 as a signature
  • X-Signature-Timestamp as a timestamp

How do i generate these signatures within N8n?

What is the error message (if any)?

this is the discord error message

interactions_endpoint_url; The specified interactions endpoint url could not be verified

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Information on your n8n setup

  • **n8n version: cloud

Hey @paul_bratcher,

I suspect you are correct there, It looks like Discord requires the signature to be generated so you will need to build that into your workflow as well. Sadly I don’t have an example of this but I think someone posted an example on here a while back but it needed an extra JavaScript package which may not be available on n8n cloud.

Thanks Jon. The signature would require the addition of an npm package which on cloud i don’t think is possible. This does however break quite a few webhook solutions so it could also be added to crypto node perhaps by n8n.

Don’t know if it’s changed in vs 1 of n8n so… unless I go for a cloud self host somehow but I need a decent t video guide for idiots on that!


Hey @paul_bratcher,

You got it, So I think some folk use a nacl package which isn’t currently available on Cloud so for now self hosting would be the only way to handle this.

We do include a nacl package which is used by the Venafi node so we might be able to add something to the Crypto node in the future or better still maybe creating a trigger node for Discord that would just automatically handle this.

Discords trigger is broken on zapier too so I am guessing it’s a change made that’s broken many.

Is there a good tutorial on self hosting in azure ? Does the self hosted have the same gui as the cloud version?

Any rough idea when cloud n8n moves to v1?

Hey @paul_bratcher,

Cloud is already on v1 but that won’t change this.

We have a guide on setting up n8n on Azure uses k8s but self hosting is considered an advanced feature as while the application itself is easy to get up and running configuring and maintaining a server is not as easy.

I would probably start with a VM in Azure and follow any of the docker guides to get started.

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